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Family & Parenting

We offer family and parenting counselling to parents and kids (10 years old and up) to help parents and families manage their issues by providing the tools they need to make parenting less stressful and improve family relationships. These sessions typically take 50 to 90 minutes, ideally in-person, and next appointments are booked at the end of the session.

We encourage parents, with their young or adult children, to join in family counselling to improve their communication, better understand one another, and learn skills to create a more positive family dynamic. Parents in a high-conflict separation/divorce are welcome to participate cordially in sessions to further address their concerns.  

During the first session, it is generally meant to get to know each other, allowing a safe space to share your story, to identify your counselling goals, and to determine a treatment plan.

Sessions of up to 90 minutes are set at $225, including taxes, and can be reimbursable by insurance providers with a receipt. We strongly encourage potential new clients to contact their insurance benefits to determine if psychotherapy services are covered under their employer's plan.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

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