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Desjardins Psychotherapy

Mental Health Counselling
Counselling en santé mentale

Therapy Sessions

Ottawa's Psychotherapy Clinic
for anxiety, depression, and trauma

We offer therapy sessions for people struggling with mental health. We are here to help you find your inner peace and equip you with the tools needed to overcome your challenges. Talk to us today.


Individual, one-on-one sessions of 50 minutes for $175 including taxes.

Family & Parenting Counselling

Sessions of  a maximum 90 minutes for parents or with family members, for $225 including taxes.

Therapy in Nature

For those interested in doing therapy sessions in nature - going out for a walk, hiking, sitting in a park. Please ask for more details.

Sliding-scale Fees

For individuals with low income, sessions of 50 minutes for $95 including taxes.

Clinic information

We strive in providing mental health counselling and psychotherapy for those who are struggling with life's many stressors. Specializing in supporting and guiding people (10 years old +) who are suffering with anxiety, depression, PTSD/trauma, grief, relationship or parenting challenges, COVID-PTSD, workplace issues, and much more. Our therapeutic approach is solely focused on the client's needs, offering a safe space to talk without judgement, learning new skills/tools, finding solutions and challenging your mindset. If you feel your situation is complex, please call and see how we can work together to get through it.

Personality & Career Assessments

We have recently introduced a new service for personality and career assessments for students and individuals who wish to explore their career options.

We are now offering practicum site and supervision to Master's level students in Counselling and Psychology programs. Please inquire by sending your resume and cover letter by email.

Getting Help

Access to blogs, community resources, various articles, recommended books, web-links, and other helpful information on mental health.

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Emotion Regulation

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